Se Busca un Hombre Deshonesto (de Franklin Dominguez)

Nuestra honesta república está a punto de ir a elecciones y la campaña está tan aburrida que se busca un candidato deshonesto que pueda inspirar las masas con una nueva forma de hacer política. Direccion: Yolanny Rodriguez

/ Our honest country is once again at the verge of elections! We must find a dishonest candidate that can run with spice and shed light to the -oh!-so-boring traditional candidates with a new way to motivate the masses. Directed by Yolanny Rodriguez

Om Grown Teen Variety Show

Bread and Yoga and Buunni Coffee present an evening of curated TEEN performances made up of several short pieces from different genres — music, sketch, performance art, short plays, short films, dance, movement, spoken word.