Exhibitions – West 220th Street to Dyckman Street

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Venues are listed north to south.

Note: Artists who wish to participate, please read the instructions.

Indian Road Café

600 W 218th St (at Indian Rd), New York, NY 10034
(212) 942-7451 | ADA-compliant
Hours/horario: Mon–Thu 7am–10:30pm, Fri–Sat 7am–11pm, Sun 8am–10pm

Exhibition - Tommy Cheng: Elvie GeeshTommy Cheng: Folk art paintings / Pinturas de arte popular
Self-taught contemporary folk art painter. / Pintor autodidacta de arte popular contemporáneo.
Dates/fechas: 29 May – 10 July 2016

Exhibition - Marcela Rotela - Splash!Memo R: Splash!
A mosaic made of found objects, glass, ceramic and grout. / Mosaico hecho de objetos encontrados, vidrio, cerámica y lechada.
Dates/fechas: 1–30 June 2016

Bruce’s Garden

NE corner of Isham Park

Exhibition - Howard BetterHoward Better: Gazebo installation
An installation in the gazebo of American prayer wheels, which are discarded cans covered with collaged images taken from discarded books and magazines. The cans can be spun to create a moving environment. Each can is like a little movie. / Instalación en la glorieta del jardín de ruedas de oración hechas de latas desechadas, cubiertas con imágenes en collage tomadas de libros y revistas viejas. Las latas se pueden girar para crear movimiento: cada lata es como una pequeña película.
Dates/fechas: 1–30 June 2016

Inwood Gourmet

95 Cooper Street (at W 207th St), New York, NY 10034
(646) 649-2627
Hours/horario: Mon–Fri 12–8pm, Sat 9am–5pm, Sun 12–5pm

Exhibition - Mary O’ShaughnessyMary O’Shaughnessy: Inwood: Seeing Details
Photographer Mary O’Shaughnessy captures satire, community, love, and nature in photos focusing on the small and the overlooked around Inwood. / Fotógrafa Mary O’Shaughnessy captura la sátira, la comunidad, el amor y la naturaleza en fotos que se centran en las cosas y los acontecimientos pequeños y pasados por alto alrededor de Inwood.
Dates/fechas: 1–30 June 2016

93 Cooper St (at W 207th St), New York, NY 10034
(917) 608-5667 | ADA-compliant
Hours/horario: Mon–Fri 1–7pm, Sat 9am–4pm

Exhibition - Memo R.: RiverMemo R.: River
Mosaic box made with ceramic, glass, pebbles and found objects on wood. / Caja de mosaico hecha de cerámica, vidrio, piedras y objetos encontrados sobre madera.
Dates/fechas: 1–30 June 2016

Dichter Pharmacy

4953 Broadway (at W 207th St), New York, NY 10034
(212) 569-1230 | ADA-compliant
Hours/horario: Mon–Fri 7am–9pm, Sat–Sun 8am–9pm

Exhibition - Michelle Orsi GordonMichelle Orsi Gordon
Collograph prints and digital c prints of dense images evoking mental landscapes, exploring the gap between experience and memory. / Grabados Collograph y grabados digital c de imágenes densas que evocan paisajes mentales, que exploran la brecha entre la experiencia y la memoria.
Dates/fechas: 1–30 June 2016

Inwood Library

4790 Broadway (near Dyckman St), New York, NY 10034
(212) 942-2445 | ADA-compliant
Hours/horario: Mon–Thu 10am–7pm, Fri–Sat 10am–5pm, Sun 1–5pm

Uptown Inside and Out
Group show featuring visual artists from Inwood and Washington Heights depicting their neighborhoods. / Show colectivo de artistas visuales de Inwood y Washington Heights, mostrando obras que representan sus vecindarios.
Dates/fechas: 1 June – 1 August 2016
Opening reception/recepción de inauguración: 5 June 2016, 2pm
Artists’ talk/charla con las/los artistas: 26 June 2016, 2pm

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