NoMAA Technical Assistance Workshops, May–June 2017

Are you participating in this year’s Uptown Arts Stroll? Looking to fine tune your marketing skills online and in person for the Stroll or another program? NoMAA is offering a set of free workshops in May and June. Space is limited. Must RSVP.

Led Black’s Social Media 101

Wednesday, 3 May 2017, 6–8pm | RSVP »
CLOTH Technology Center, 2113 B Amsterdam Ave (at W 165th St), New York, NY 10032

Social media has changed, literally, everything. It has toppled governments, upended regimes and cast much-needed light on atrocities across the globe. Events that take place halfway around the world are beamed almost immediately to our computer screens and smartphones with a speed that borders on the magical. Led Black’s Social Media 101course will focus on Twitter and Instagram and will empower artists to expand, engage and cultivate their audience. Led Black’s beginner social media class distills his almost decade-long knowledge of social media to simplify the sometimes-mystifying social media landscape. The class will provide tips, tools and insights for artists to connect meaningfully with their followers.

Photoshop and Digital Work Flow with Alexis Ruiseco (bilingual)

Thursday, 18 May 2017, 6–8pm | RSVP »
CUNY in the Heights, 5030 Broadway (b/w W 213th and W 214th streets), New York, NY 10034

En Foco, in partnership with NoMAA, is pleased to present a bilingual workshop for emerging and established photographers in digital editing and production. We will be discussing the process and advantages of using layer masks for enhancing images. Topics covered will include dodging and burning, color correction, and organization to create productive workflow using Bridge, Photoshop, and Lightroom. This workshop is essential for emerging photographers who want to learn new techniques and for established photographers who want to brush up on their knowledge.

Explore Your Photographic Voice: Portfolio Review with Fabiola Jean-Louis and Tone Taghon

Tuesdays, 13 and 27 June 2017, 6–8pm | RSVP »
CLOTH Technology Center, 2113 B Amsterdam Ave (at W 165th St), New York, NY 10032

A picture is worth a thousand words: what will yours be? Join us in this two-day artist workshop conducted by renowned artist Fabiola Jean-Louis, and Tone Taghon, owner of Uptown Printing Studio and Color Expert. The workshop is ideal for all artists, from beginner to advanced, who want to grow, express and explore new ways to see their art.

What’s Your Story? Numbers Never Lie: Grantwriting with Jana La Sorte

Tuesday, 14 June 2017, 6–8:30pm | RSVP »
5030 Broadway (b/w W 213th and W 214th streets), 6th Fl conference room, New York, NY 10034

Ambassadora, in partnership with Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA), is pleased to present “What’s Your Story? Numbers Never Lie,” a grantwriting workshop for emerging artists and nonprofits that focuses on the critical budget narrative. Once you have the story narrative of who you are and what you’re asking for and why, it’s vital that you create a clear budget narrative that matches and supports your compelling story narrative. We will discuss finding grants, the components of grants, crafting grant applications with the majority of our time spent on crafting the budget. This workshop will be friendly to even those who are afraid of budgets!

The Art of Speaking in Public with Armando “Mando” Batista (bilingual)

Monday, 26 June 2017, 6–9pm | RSVP »
Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center, 530 W 166th St (at St Nicholas Ave), New York, NY 10032

This is a bilingual workshop for those who are interested in developing their social skills. You will participate in exercises, practices, and scenarios that will help you become a confident speaker. This is not a conventional public speaking class. You will not learn about formal and informal speeches, elocution, persuasion or diction.

Drag Bingo @IndianRoadCafe – Fundraiser for Uptown Arts Stroll

Join us for a meal, drink or dessert and bingo! Benefitting NoMAA Uptown Arts Stroll, Thursday, April 27, 8pm – Drag Bingo @IndianRoadCafe. … read more »

Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance announces Uptown Arts Stroll opening night performers

Paseo de las Artes 2017 Uptown Arts Stroll

The 15th annual Uptown Arts Stroll opening reception will feature performances by the Harambee Dance Company, musicians of the Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra and singer-songwriter Victor Rosso at the landmark United Palace on Broadway and West 175th Street on Wednesday 31 May 2017 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. … read more »

Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance to honor Elvis Nolasco, Patricia Cruz, Liz Ritter and Maggie Hernández-Knight at the Uptown Arts Stroll opening on May 31st

Washington Heights native and award winning actor Elvis Nolasco, the Executive Director of Harlem Stage and Aaron Davis Hall Patricia Cruz, the Chair of Community Board 12’s Parks and Cultural Affairs Committee Elizabeth Lorris Ritter, and uptown artist, dancer and entrepreneur Maggie Hernández-Knight will be honored at the opening reception of the 15th Uptown Arts Stroll on Wednesday, May 31st, from 6:00 to 8:30pm at the United Palace on Broadway and West 175th Street. … read more »

Alexis Agliano Sanborn wins the 2017 Uptown Arts Stroll poster contest

Uptown Arts Stroll 2017 poster contest winner Alexis Agliano Sanborn

Alexis Agliano Sanborn of Washington Heights was the judges’ choice out of 40 entries as the winner of the 2017 Uptown Arts Stroll poster contest. Ms. Sanborn’s artwork showcased the elements of Northern Manhattan’s diversity, inclusiveness and dynamic cultural arts scene. She will receive a $1,000 honorarium and exclusive graphic representation on Uptown Arts Stroll publications. … read more »