Music in Inwood Hill Park – Mano a Mano: Son Jarocho

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Music in Inwood Hill Park – Mano a Mano: Son Jarocho

Son Jarocho is a regional folk musical style of Mexican son (sound) from Veracruz, a Mexican state along the Gulf of Mexico. It represents a fusion of indigenous, Spanish, and African musical elements, reflecting the population that evolved in the region from Spanish colonial times. Son Jarocho is played on jaranas, a small guitar-like instrument, and sung in a style in which several singers exchange verses, sometimes improvising humorous or topical content. The most widely known son jarocho song is “La Bamba.” Fandangos are at the heart of son jarocho. They’re a kind of community celebration, where participants gather to play, sing and dance around a wooden platform called a tarima.

Partnership with Inwood Art Works’ inaugural FREE outdoor summer cinema series, Film Works Alfresco. With support from the Partnership for Parks’ Inwood Parks Grant, made possible by Columbia University.

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Date: 12 June 2017, 7–8pm

Inwood Hill Park, Gaelic Field
Enter park at W 218th St and Indian Rd
New York, NY 10034

Event - Mano a Mano - Son Jarocho

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