I Have No Room for the Broken – one-woman show

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I Have No Room for the Broken
This one-woman show embraces a sense of loss and abandonment and shows how love can go wrong. The monologue is an intelligent, well-thought-out and passionate parade of emotions locked into the messiness of relationships. It’s that sticky point where anger and unrequited longing meet. In a highly charged and emotionally intricate manner, Angela Abreu discloses her need to make connections and the tragedy of choosing the wrong partner. Her words are fever-pitch and declamatory exclamations of someone defending herself and in the end coming out scarred and bruised yet stronger and wiser. This is an exercise of healing and catharsis of the highest order. Abreu expels old love demons, clearing up the clutter of emotional trauma, in an attempt at closure, all the while piecing together the shattered bits of heart and romance.

Cost: The performance will be $10 at the door on the day of each event.

Dates: 3 June, 7–9pm; 10 June, 7–9pm; 16 June, 9–11pm. Please arrive on time as we plan to begin promptly.

Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria
2113 Amsterdam Ave (at W 165th St), New York, NY 10032
(347) 688-4456

Event - I Have No Room for the Broken

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