Gallery Talk: The Art of Caricature

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Presented by Dr. Cristina Domenech, Coordinator of the Education Department at The Hispanic Society of America, “The Art of Caricature” focuses on the museum’s collection of caricatures.

Presentada por la Dra. Cristina Domenech, coordinadora del Departamento de Educación de The Hispanic Society of America, esta charla se enfoca en la colección de caricaturas del museo.

Caricature springs from our fascination with all that is absurd or ridiculous, grotesque or tragic, or simply funny about the human condition. A genuinely popular art form, caricature has traditionally criticized society’s conventions, mores, fashions, and particularly its political leaders. Across the centuries, draftsmen and printmakers have employed a handful of visual tools to express humor, from laying down rapid doodles to creating complex images layered with meaning.

The Hispanic Society of America
613 W 155th St (at Broadway)
New York, NY 10032
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Events - Gallery talk: The Art of Caricature

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