(English) Representing Uptown: Arts Stroll Poster Selected

3 comments to (English) Representing Uptown: Arts Stroll Poster Selected

  • Howard Pearlman

    The winner for the UPTOWN ARTS STROLL poster is horrible. It is really terrible! This “Art” is trash, and is ugly! Look at what I sent in! My entry was so much better. But i guess with a name like mine, Howard Pearlman, its not Spanish enough, Huh? I think whoever judged this is a Racist! Look at what I did!!! Its far superior!!!! I was judged by my race and not by my Art! I resent that and nothing what you say will convince me otherwise!

  • Sandra A. Garcia Betancourt

    Mr. Pearlman,

    Just to clarify, Mr. Jakob Hostetter is not “Spanish” .

  • Howard Pearlman

    Lets not play games; you know exactly what I mean. Anyway, this winning work is terrible. Look at what I did. I wasn’t even in the top 3. Whats wrong with your eyes? I feel I was unfairly and prejudiously judged. And my Spanish wife agrees with me!