Aces for Anna: Uptown Arts Stroll 2016 poster contest winner announced

Story by Erik Cuello, reprinted with permission from The Manhattan Times.

Winning poster by Anna Letitia Zivarts

Winning poster by Anna Letitia Zivarts

She nailed it.

The winner of the 2016 Uptown Arts Stroll Poster Contest of the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA) has been announced.

The artist, Anna Letitia Zivarts, is a cinematographer and editor with the video collective Time of Day Media.

Born with nystagmus, rapid eye movement that causes limited vision, Zivarts says she seeks to create visual content that reflects her unique worldview.

Her poster submission is composed of bold strokes that highlight familiar uptown terrain, including the Broadway Bridge spanning the Harlem River Ship Canal and the nearby Marble Hill Metro-North station, with the banks of the Palisades in the distance. The bright white letters are shadowed by a vibrant purple cast.

The poster will serve as the Stroll’s calling card, and appearing on all collateral for the annual arts celebration held throughout the month of June.

As NoMAA’s Acting Director Joanna Castro broke the news online, arts aficionados cheered the selection.

“Beautiful design!!!” posted artist Tamara Rose on Facebook, while Junior Ortiz offered his support in Spanish with one word: “Bello.”

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