Art in the Garden Celebrates 10 Years

Reprinted from The Manhattan Times.

Art in the Garden 2010The second weekend of the Uptown Arts Stroll crammed in a full slate of events that, for the most part, were untouched by rain.

On June 12 the annual Art in the Garden event, which centers around the RING Garden on Dyckman Street and Broadway, celebrated its 10-year anniversary, which is two years longer than the Stroll itself. An array of visual artists erected their work among the garden’s plants, as if the very ground was sprouting painting, photography and Greta Herron’s colorful hats, and musicians and poets held forth under sunny skies. To commemorate the anniversary, event founder Liz Popiel broke out a six-foot sub for audience members.

Earlier that day a handful of Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance regulars, plus a few newcomers, participated in Open Epic, a transcontinental literary event that, through the magic of the Internet, happened simultaneously in Paris and on Bennett Avenue at the NoMAA office. The open-ended poetic experience “The American in Paris is an Iranian in New York” instigated by local wordsmith Amir Parsa explored issues of absence and presence in the construction of literary works. The work unfolded through videos and comments being posted real time by Parsa in Paris and locals at NoMAA.

Under threatening skies all day Sun., June 13, artists opened their studios to the public, offering a voyeuristic look into their private, creative spaces. Among the open studios was the Riverside Drive apartment of painter Tony Serio. The studio’s commanding view of the Hudson River helped explain why the George Washington Bridge has been one of the artist’s favorite subjects over the years. By late afternoon rain clouds had settled over the region, partially obstructing the view of the bridge and dampening the spirits of the Strolling community.

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