Representing Uptown: Arts Stroll Poster Selected

By Mike Fitelson. Reprinted from The Manhattan Times.

Jakob Hostetter and his winning design for the Uptown Arts Stroll Poster Contest. (Photo: Mike Fitelson.)

Jakob Hostetter and his winning design for the Uptown Arts Stroll Poster Contest. (Photo: Mike Fitelson.)

During a party fueled by the sinewy Brazilian rhythms of Annette Aguilar and StringBeans in the evocatively unfinished storefront retail space at 5030 Broadway (AKA the Inwood Center), the upcoming Uptown Arts Stroll received its annual visual styling when the party goers voted Jakob Hostetter’s urban design the winner of this year’s poster contest Mon., May 10.

The design, a graphic take on local icons washed in green and yellow, will soon begin appearing throughout Northern Manhattan as the June-time arts festival begins to take shape for the eighth year.

Hostetter, clearly amped up at having been selected among dozens of entrants, said it was his first foray in the Uptown Arts Stroll, having only begun dedicating himself full time to graphic arts in the last year after studying at Lehman College.

The native Washington Heights resident chose vivid iconography of the neighborhood — shoes hanging from lampposts, fire hydrants and the George Washington Bridge, which he called, “The number one inspiration for my work.”

The green background, the edge of which is deckled with a skyline, stands for the amount of green space in Northern Manhattan; Hostetter said he chose yellow because of how it contrasts with the green.

Mostly, he views his work as a tribute to where he was born and raised.

“I love this neighborhood and am glad that we have an arts community here,” said the P.S./I.S. 187 graduate. “There is a lot of possibility in this neighborhood.”

“I represent uptown,” he added.

The Uptown Arts Stroll, co-founded by the Manhattan Times in 2003 and under the auspices of the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA) for the last three years, will return in June with events and exhibits by local artists spread out from W. 155th to W. 218th Streets.

This year, the Stroll will recognize three artists and community leaders for their contributions to the arts: Ana Ofelia Rodriguez, poet, and founder of the Rio Galleries; Ted Minos, actor/director, and founder/producing artistic director of Moose Hall Theatre and Inwood Shakespeare Festival; and Patricia Eakins, fiction writer, and curator of the Sunday Best Reading Series.

To learn more about the Uptown Arts Stroll, look for the annual Guide inserted in the June 2 Manhattan Times or visit

3 comments to Representing Uptown: Arts Stroll Poster Selected

  • Howard Pearlman

    The winner for the UPTOWN ARTS STROLL poster is horrible. It is really terrible! This “Art” is trash, and is ugly! Look at what I sent in! My entry was so much better. But i guess with a name like mine, Howard Pearlman, its not Spanish enough, Huh? I think whoever judged this is a Racist! Look at what I did!!! Its far superior!!!! I was judged by my race and not by my Art! I resent that and nothing what you say will convince me otherwise!

  • Sandra A. Garcia Betancourt

    Mr. Pearlman,

    Just to clarify, Mr. Jakob Hostetter is not “Spanish” .

  • Howard Pearlman

    Lets not play games; you know exactly what I mean. Anyway, this winning work is terrible. Look at what I did. I wasn’t even in the top 3. Whats wrong with your eyes? I feel I was unfairly and prejudiously judged. And my Spanish wife agrees with me!